Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


The community of Trapiche Bajo located in the Municipality of Betanzos and in the department of Potosí, held the delivery act and the closing ceremony of the Project: "Escuelas azules y puestos de salud en Bolivia" (health posts in rural Bolivia) with the participation of students, teaching staff, community members and representatives of Sumaj Punchay celebrating with music, typical food, dance and poetry prepared for the occasion.

This project, which consists in the sustainable management of the environment through the harvesting and optimization of water for its consumption and production of food, has as a main objective the improvement of children's health in schools and to positively influence their environment.

The infrastructure of the project consists in the delivery of rainwater storage tanks, sanitary services for students and teachers, a school greenhouse and production of organic vegetables for the educational unit "Trapiche Bajo", as well as the construction of sanitary services for the health post of the community.

Theoretical-practical workshops on water management, environmental care, agroforestry, good personal hygiene and nutrition practices were also conducted in order to raise awareness amongst students, teachers and parents of families.

To conclude, the committe Parents, Authorities, Children and Teachers (PACT) was formed with student representatives, teachers, community leaders and school committee, and will now be responsible for planning, managing, monitoring and continuing the implementation of the project within the community.