Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


Like water, food is a fundamental right of every human being, and as such should be recognized, respected, protected and guaranteed. sumaj punchay has worked on these issues from a rights perspective, promoting the full realization of the right to an alimentation with dignity and inclusion as one of human rights that everyone has. Considering the nutritional status of the rural population, we put the focus on Food Security from the nutritional aspect of food consumption and education so that food is properly utilized to maintain a healthy and active life.

Also we consider that the Food Security with Sovereignty is the right of people to get a healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced through sustainable and ecologically ways.

Food sovereignty promotes a transparent trade that guarantees a just income to everybody and the rights of consumers to control their alimentation and nutrition.

Through the food sovereignty and a familial agriculture we want the producers to be the agents of their own development guaranteeing the right of access and management to land, water, seeds, livestock and biodiversity, putting food production, distribution and consumption based on environmental, social and economic sustainability. To realise this we take actions to ensure food and nutrition security, we promote food sovereignty, we promote initiatives that strengthen the capacity of individuals, families, organizations, local associations and other groups in developing programs and projects to produce food for home consumption and the market.