Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


In Bolivia the inequality between men and women continues to dominate mostly in rural areas where the work of the women is not recognized by the men. To change that sumaj punchay takes actions agreed with community organizations, so that the roles of both men and women achieve a degree of fairness and recognition of the work that was done. Furthermore, Sumaj Punchay also promotes the equal participation of women and men as well as young people in the development process.

Poverty does not only has a woman`s face. The population is aging and older people in rural areas are particularly vulnerable due to the condition of poverty in which they live. To improve their conditions of living Sumaj Punchay has been carried out projects for the integrating of the older people into their communities as active members and revitalizing the local economy. Sumaj Punchay is affiliated to the HelpAge Global Network , with whom we have been working since 2009 to seek better living conditions for the elderly in the rural areas.

Because of the migration, in many cases older people have been left in charge of the grandchildren, which is another highly vulnerable population segments we work with.

Our work with children and young people in schools and rural boarding schools, is based on comprehensive preventive health issues, nutrition and hygiene and socio-community productive education, which is tightly integrated to the topic of sustainable agriculture.