Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


With the objective of promoting food security and sovereignty, the NGO Sumaj Punchay and Banco FIE have been working since 2016 on projects for access to water, strengthening capacities for productive development and improving the quality of life of families in rural communities of the department of Chuquisaca.

These actions contribute to the improvement of agricultural production and the economic conditions of populations vulnerable to climate change in the rural areas of the Municipality of Sucre and Tarabuco through training, construction of water systems, micro-irrigation systems, personalized technical assistance in management of water resources, and organic and ecological production of vegetables and fruits as a means of family support.

The current projects are the following: Water systems for rural Yampara families, ecological production "Provee" and water systems for rural families. These 3 projects benefit 7 Yampara communities of the Municipality of Tarabuco; El Carmen, Humo Hualso, Kara Kara, Tarcañi Alta, Tarcañi Baja, Achia and Tipavilque and 4 communities of District 8 of the Municipality of Sucre; Majada, Tonthorqa, Picachulo and Chullchuta.

The more than 100 families benefiting from these projects, communal authorities and district representatives showed great satisfaction with the results, for the reason that the production and marketing of their products have improved their income, in addition to promoting their consumption.