Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


Maximo Yarhui lives in the community of El Carmen, a poor area of the municipality of Tarabuco – Chuquisaca. He is working as a farmer on his land, planting agricultural products that he and his family will consume.

However, climate changes are causing food shortages in his community. This situation forces his family to migrate to the city in search of better opportunities for survival.

“My father told me that there used to be rain and that we a few years ago we could produce enough food to feed everybody but the weather has been changing each year and yet there is no rain, and without rain we cannot plant. Sometimes there is so little production in this land that it is not sufficient for our own alimentation and that is why I have to temporarily migrate to the city in search of work and I'm thinking of going to town with my family because I cannot live this way in my community" says Maximo.

Sumaj Punchay, with the support of HelpAge International, Biodiversity Foundation and the Embassy of Sweden, implemented a project to provide access to water to the families, in order to reduce their vulnerability and ensure their food security.

The project implemented water storage tanks that are part of a micro irrigation system in order to provide water for the gardens, which also were implemented with the project. All these actions were complemented by family trainings on the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources (water, soil, plant), in order to better adapt to the effects of the climate changes, ensure their families food security and access to clean water, which is a right of everyone. In the same way the project has improved their income with the commercialisation of the products surplus in the city of Sucre.

Maximo told us that his family and the entire community have benefited from the project. The alimentation of the family improved and counts with clean water to drink and to use in the garden. "With the water stored in our tank we have water to drink, to cook, to wash our clothes and we also have enough water for the animals. Now I can produce vegetables all year long and to sell the production surplus at market. My family and I are happy and now I can stay in my community with my family" said Maximo.