Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


Short description of the project

The project is framed in the Socio-communitarian Productive Education model from the Act No. 070 "Avelino Sinani - Elizardo Pérez. It aims at developing the social vocations of the students in the rural schools, to provide training to the students in the agricultural issues andto transmit them knowledge in horticultural production andin the breeding of poultry. The final purpose is to improve the nutritional status of the children. The project will also furnish to the development of a school plan raised by the educational model.Further the project will implement production systems, by building greenhouses, chicken coops and open gardens.

Because the main objective is to improve the nutritional status of the children in the rural schools, the project has a component of nutritional health. The skills among the children, the teachers and the mothers will be developed in the areas ofnutrition and preventive health. There will also bebuilt environments in which there will be kitchens for the food preparationin order to prevent contamination and damage to the health forthe women who are responsible for food preparation.

Number of Beneficiaries

Total beneficiaries: 1881
Children (boys and girls): 1306
Women: 500
Teachers: 75

Country of implementation: Bolivia
Geographical zone: The project will be developed in 22 rural communities in the rural municipality of Ocuri.
Department: Potosi
Province: Chayanta
Municipality: Ocuri
Districts: Ocuri, Maragua and Marcoma
Running time: 2 years