Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.

Background Information

SUMAJ PUNCHAY is a not for profit and Non Governmental Organisation (NG0). Its actions are oriented to the marginalised and vulnerable social sectors of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in a frame of love, respect and peace. The organisation also promotes the population’s active participation as a whole, so that the people are the main agents of their development. Sensitized by the high level of poverty in the remaining large rural and urban population Sumaj Punchay was founded in 2001. Five years later, in 2006, we decided to face the challenge of an organic and productive production under the name of:


Sumaj Punchay means "TOWARDS BETTER DAYS" in quechua and we work under the motto "For the future generations to get a good awakening". The organisation seeks to give to the present and to the next generations conditions of social justice, education, health, conservation of the biodiversity, liberty, self determination, equity of gender, cultural survival and social inclusion. These conditions are taken into account within the frame of respect and observance of the rights of every individual, the strengthening relations with popular movements, indigenous people, peasants and marginalized sectors of the society and in the pursuit of finding together ways of unity, solidarity and community that make humanity a sister society of purpose and responsible in its actions giving Better Days.
From its creation as a Non Governmental Organisation, Sumaj Punchay has been developing actions in favour of peasants and indigenous families in depressed areas of the Departments of Potosi and Chuquisaca. We spent there over fourteen years and have generated experiences within their development policies based on four areas of intervention, based themselves on the conception of sustainable development, integrated and participatory action. These four areas are:

- Productive area
- Social area
- Environment area
- Organisational area

These areas of intervention contribute to a development process with a focus on integrity. This aspect is important to promote sustainable development in social, cultural and geographical conditions of Bolivia mainly in the departments of Potosí and Chuquisaca, identified as our target areas.