Changes in climate will have a profound impact on both human activities and ecosystems.


The concept of FAMILY SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE ensures food security while promoting healthy ecosystems and supporting sustainable management of land, water and plants. In addition it satisfies the needs of present and future generations, while ensuring time profitability, environmental health and social and economic equity. Sumaj Punchay considers essential to improve environmental protection, resilience of systems, and efficient use of resources. To realise that it has been conducting comprehensive actions for the peasant producers to assume and carry out sustainable production processes.

Sumaj Punchay carries out processes for sustainable management of natural resources and the environment by implementing comprehensive projects to ensure food security and promote the incursion to organic products market at a fair price. This experience is based on a high community participation, particularly of women and older people, enhancing the management of the resources available, their knowledge and organizational skills, guided by the principles of multiculturalism, knowledge dialogue, respect for nature, community consultation and participation.